Monday, September 24, 2012

How to Make a Quilt Without A Sewing Machine

Yes you can make a quilt without a sewing machine!!!  You can use a "cheater" quilt top piece of fabric, you can use a plain piece of fabric cut to your desired size - you can even buy that antique quilt top you've had your eye on - the method is the same for all.
The below picture is a "Fat Quarter" quilt made using the "No Sewing Machine" quilt method.  It is a term I came up with back in 2000 when I first started out as a quilt designer (and had my first designs accepted by quilting publications).  My pictures are primitive - the pictures are from 2001 approx., but they illustrate the concept of what to do.
The pictures also illustrate how big a "fat quarter quilt" is on a HUGE 24" BIG Lee Middleton toddler doll.  I like to use "fat quarter quilts" for newborns and then "1 yard quilts" as they get a little older.
Pay attention to the finished size of any so called "baby quilt pattern" you buy - the finished size might be more appropriate for an older child than a baby.
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What a "Fat Quarter" Quilt Looks Like on a Realistic Sized Almost One Year Old Doll:

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