Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cross Stitch Finishing Idea - What's Old is New Again

1980's craft trends are making a comeback since 2010; ideas for finishing cross stitch projects are seeing a revival.  In the 1980's, every surface imaginable was glued with a finished cross stitch design.  And I followed the trend.  Some of my tackier pieces are long gone, but a couple nicer ones remain including my "bread board" project.
The bread basket design is a Dale Burdett cross stitch design & I don't remember the book name.
I finished off the raw edges of the fabric by gluing rick-rack all around the edges.
Although I do not have any finished samples saved, another idea was to glue mini cross stitch projects to wooden spoons & finish the raw edges with rick-rack.  The prevailing theme was: if it was wood, glue cross stitch on it.
Another project was to taken baskets & use them as if they were cross stitch fabric & stitch the cross stitch design right into the basket weave.  Some year I'll post a picture of mine.

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