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Links to Free Stitchery Projects - from vintage Redwork, Bluework & embroidery to Primitive Stitchery.
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Please do not pin directly from this page: if you would like to "pin" these ideas to one of your boards, please go directly to the artist's website to pin directly from the artist, so the artist gets full credit.  Thank you.

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Several Free Tutorials from Janet M. Davies, JMD Designs

"Having Nothing to Stitch is Scary" from Janet M. Davies, JMD Designs
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Christmas Redwork Cottage from Janet M. Davies, JMD Designs
Adding Beads to Finished Objects; How to Evenly Space Beads by Janet M. Davies

Using Needlework Hoops Tutorial by Janet M. Davies, JMD Designs
Kitchen Towel for hanging on a stove - substitute hand embroidery for the machine applique embroidery steps.  From: Emblibrary.com
Free Embroidery Project Using Ikea Pillow Case from Pam Garrison
Sewing machine cover finished
Crazy Cat from DMC
I will highlight just a few of the many wonderful DMC projects, but you need to visit their website and check out all their free projects covering ALL Needlework techniques (cross stitch, needle punch too)
GREAT Owl design from DMC

Hummingbird from DMC

Cupcakes from DMC

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