*Vintage Appliques - Embroidery Ideas

If you have purchased one of my applique sets and need inspiration for embroidering your applique (either by hand or machine), the following are some samples of blocks I have finished in the past.
I actually just use a blue disappearing ink pen (meant for embroidery - found in any sewing/craft store) and free-hand draw any details such as bodies, antennae, leaf veins or stems, etc. onto my appliques and then just stitch following my blue marked lines.  The lines disappear easily when dampened with water (I do not use the purple self-disappearing pen - the traced design can disappear before you finish if you live in humid climates).  No 2 blocks are exactly alike when I do this, but that is the way most vintage quilts look like and that is the look I am trying to achieve with my vintage patterns.

If you see an applique design not currently available as a set in any of my stores, you can always contact me via my stores for a private listing.

A simple small butterfly - a good choice for beginners: just "eyeball" and draw two straight lines for the body (each side of head down to each side of the bottom), antennae and you are done!
The Art Deco Butterfly is my favorite - both for design and simplicity of stitching; great for beginners:
Sample set vintage kitten appliques
My second favorite butterfly, although I love the teal shaped one pictured above too!
 Actually not one I finished, but it is a good sample - this is a block from a vintage quilt:

Applique sets can also be used to embellish pillows, clothing and other crafts:

Samples Not Yet Stitched:

MORE TO COME!!!!!!!!!!!!

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